January 14, 2016

14/01/2016: Elanco Knowledge Solutions and Novometrix align to support intestinal integrity in flocks: Insights from a comprehensive database to be unveiled at IPPE 2016

The largest flock health database in the poultry industry will soon become even more robust through the collaboration of Elanco Knowledge Solutions and Novometrix Research Inc

The Health Tracking System (HTSi) was launched in 1995 by Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly and Company, and has emerged as the industry’s leading service for gathering data on flocks’ health across a breadth of disease states and geographies.
HTSi data have grown to encompass insights gleaned from more than 600,000 post-mortem examinations completed over the past 10 years. With data gathered from 52 countries and millions of data points, HTSi represents a comprehensive database for the poultry industry to help identify disease prevalence and severity in individual flocks.

In order to apply this data in a manner that delivers maximum value to the poultry industry and all of its constituents – veterinarians, nutritionists, producers and other stakeholders– Elanco has partnered with Novometrix.
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Research to provide expert data mining, analysis and information the industry can use to improve flock health and performance while also addressing emerging issues critical to the industry, including sustainability, food safety and animal welfare. Elanco and Novometrix began collaborating on the enhanced data offering in Q2 2015 and will share insights at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2016.

“From a data mining perspective, we have a treasure trove of information that can be used to benchmark flocks and monitor flock health and performance over time,” said Alexandre Zocche, Elanco Senior Global Technical Leader, poultry.

“By partnering with Novometrix, Elanco is extrapolating the data to help the industry make better decisions about the health of their flocks, which also impacts their business,” he added.

The partnership between Elanco and Novometrix will showcase the power of benchmarking as a tool to evaluate intestinal integrity and performance by offering metrics producers can use to evaluate their gains or losses in context with the intestinal integrity of their poultry flocks.

The timing of the partnership is especially important as the industry faces increasing pressure to use antibiotics judiciously. Insights are driving solutions that have the potential to change traditional approaches of clock health maintenance, such as antibiotic rotation and point to a more evidence-based approach to flock health.

Attendees at IPPE 2016 can expect Novometrix and Elanco to share several announcements stemming from HTSi data analysed.

Visit the Elanco site HERE and the Novometrix site HERE.

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