January 11, 2016

11/01/2016: Brookside to showcase products/services at IPPE Booth #1005

Brookside Agra will be featuring several of its innovative, all-natural products at the International Production & Processing Expo. (IPPE), January 26-28 in Atlanta, GA. Be sure to stop by Booth #1005 to talk to Brookside’s experts about their all-natural Agra Ade Yucca Meal 15%™, FloBond™, DISRUPT™, NAT-O™, NoxiFerm™, and Advanced Bio Pro™ products.

Brookside will also introduce its new division at the expo, Cardinal Agriculture Services, which provides a variety of agronomy and risk management services including soil testing, livestock insurance, water and feed analysis, precision equipment, and farm property and casualty insurance.

Agra Ade Yucca Meal 15%
Agra Ade Yucca Meal is a specially formulated source of saponin derived from the Yucca Schidigera plant for addition to animal feeds to control animal waste volume and odor. Contains 15 percent of total dissolved solids made entirely of the Yucca plant. Contains no fillers or carriers (such as Zeolite, Calcium, Carbonate, etc.) which can often reduce the activity of saponin.

NAT-O is an all-natural component additive to enhance the flavor of feed and liquids for a variety of animal species. Available in powder, liquid and USDA NOP Organic Certified formulas. Appetising spicy aroma and taste that safely and naturally improves animal appetites.

NoxiFerm is an all-natural feed supplement specifically formulated to improve average daily gain and feed efficiency in broiler chickens and pigs. NoxiFerm provides a synergistic blend of sodium gluconate and all-natural flavoring compounds containing polyphenols commonly found in herbs, fruits and vegetables. NoxiFerm works to stimulate the immune system, reduce heat stress, stabilise free radicals and improve overall animal health.

DISRUPT I is an all-natural, antibiotic-free environmental prophylactic and desiccant powder that controls viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, plus improves the air quality for animals and humans due to its excellent ammonia and moisture control. Phosphorus-free DISRUPT promotes healthier animal environments and helps reduce death loss and increase profits.

FloBond is a research-proven, all-natural binder and anti-caking agent that permanently deactivates deadly mycotoxins that live in animal feeds and grains. Mycotoxins, the result of mold and fungi growth, can be detrimental to the performance of poultry, livestock, fish and pets. Mycotoxins occur in most grains (corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, sorghum, cottonseed, rye and rice) and can cause cancer, liver and kidney problems, infertility, growth rate reduction and other problems that affect animal profitability.

Advanced Bio Pro
Advanced Bio Pro is an innovative, natural proprietary liquid blend of stable, highly active microbial cultures, enhancers and nutrients specifically selected to naturally and safely eliminate odors associated with ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Removes 95 percent of odors within three days; reduces composting time by up to 50 percent; eliminates fruit fly and mosquito larvae; prevents growth of algae in fountains, ponds and lakes; and eradicates fats, oils and greases.

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