January 06, 2016

06/01/2016: A New Year message from Ruwan Berculo, VIV Manager

It’s roughly a year since I concluded that it was time to start serving you in the Middle East/Africa region.

Following a strong growth perspective in poultry, producers sector-wide kept urging VIV to launch a poultry-focused international trade show.

It had to be a centrally located platform within easy reach for the entire region. Does that sound like an easy task? No, it doesn’t.

And yet, together we’ve been setting up something very special: 'Desert farming' is coming, starting with the first edition of VIV MEA at the agribusiness hot-spot that is Abu Dhabi, on February 15-17, 2016.

After Utrecht and Bangkok, Abu Dhabi will hopefully become the 3rd international VIV-hub. This will take years, of course. However, already we are gearing up for the largest trade show in the region for poultry producers. Milk and fish will also receive significant attention.

In just 8 months the exhibition has sold out. All our partners worldwide are contributing. Thanks for your confidence!

More news for 2016

VIV Trade Summits
With the Poultry Summit Europe (Utrecht, May 16-18) VIV will introduce Conference-only productions. No hassle, low costs. No exhibition. That’s the idea for these business leadership programs focusing on 'Value creation from Feed to Food.'

The products developed by VIV Trade Summits will be a shift away from existing conference formats. The 7-Challenges concept is unique and aims to set a new standard for effective network events. Let me know if you wish to receive the program.

You will find similar events by VIV Trade Summits in Latin America (autumn 2016) and Africa (autumn 2017). Details to be announced shortly.

We will develop the VIV Trade Summits in close partnership with well-known associations, publishers and institutions.

VIV has always been, and will continue to be, about business. Consequently, VIV aims to grow your trade through this new product range. Diana Toth, Conference Manager VIV, recently joined the team. She’s in charge of the Summits.

VIV Russia 2017
In early February, VIV Trade Shows will announce the new concept outlook for VIV Russia 2017. A special meeting in Moscow to unfold our plans will take place on January 13. All are welcome! Just let me know and I will send you an invitation.

VIV China 2016 and beyond
VIV China’s upcoming edition (Beijing, September 6-8) will take place in co-location with WPC 2016. This combination provides a unique opportunity to grow your poultry business in China. The swine sector will get its own VIV Pork Production Conference.

We have recruited a Marketing Director who will be located in Beijing. Starting on February 1, Jeremy Liu will work hard to promote VIV and to reach more valuable Chinese contacts for you.  

In line with the new concept outlook for VIV Russia 2017, I aim to announce a similar new concept for VIV China 2018. I expect to share more news with you about this by summer 2016.  

www.viv.net – extending VIV from onsite to online
A major transition of the viv.net website is due over the coming years. Promising e-tools will be introduced in 2016 - all set to add value to your business from Feed to Food, 365 days a year. Fresh new colleagues will join the team to develop VIV’s online product range.

We are set to connect you with substantially more business contacts, both within the markets we’re operating already and beyond. That’s the aim of the new viv.net site.  

The VIV Trade Shows and VIV Trade Summits divisions will each get their own section on the site. With the new format, the site will provide the relevant information about our trade shows and summits for both you and your customers. 

I hope this 2016-update helps you in your planning and explains our direction. With the entire VIV-team, we are committed to make VIV better, day by day. Any questions or comments? Please feel free to write or call me.

Thanks for your support. Wishing you a prosperous 2016.

Ruwan Berculo
Manager VIV

+31 6 51 43 92 65

Visit the VIV site HERE.

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