August 01, 2013

01/08/2013: New manager at Norel; fungus as animal feed; US Grains Council new chairman

Norel has announced the appointment of Ms Irene Margüenda in its technical department. Margüenda studied agronomy engineering and achieved a diploma of advanced studies. 

She has experience in animal nutrition, animal husbandry, farm management and critical analysis of experimental performances.

Hans van Leeuwen, researcher at Iowa State University has developed a process that can turn the waste product from ethanol production into a high-protein fungus that is currently being tested for use as animal feed.

It is hoped that the fungus, which contains essential amino acids, will eventually help the millions of starvation-related deaths in developing countries each year.

During its 53rd annual board of delegates meeting in Ottawa, Canada, the US Grains Council elected a new chairman to its board of directors.

Julius Schaaf, a farmer from Randolph, Iowa, has more than 33 years of experience in production agriculture.
"The world is always changing. Markets are always changing. Today competition is growing, and so are the opportunities. Our job is to figure out how to stay ahead of the changes,” Schaaf told attendees of the conference.
chemical structure
chemical structure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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