August 30, 2013

Adifo - BESTMIX® Formulation as a service

We live in a digital world. While laptops, tablets and smartphones have had some impact on feed production, there has been somewhat of a lag in producers' ability to react in a true real-time fashion in servicing their customers.

In light of this, software supplier Adifo has launched a cloud based collaborative platform as an extension to BESTMIX ® , its profit driven feed formulation and recipe management system.

The extension platform is bound to revolutionise the information interchange between nutrition experts and the outside world. It is hoped it will benefit all parties involved, including feed advisers, external partners and customers.

The Formulation as a Service (FaaS) solution - securely implemented in the cloud - gives users online access to part of a nutrition company's BESTMIX ® database. Users can retrieve minute-precise market data, rely on up-to-date equations and use state-of-the-art formulation functionality at any time. They can also record project or customer-specific data such as purchase costs and specifications.

How it works
At a typical multi-site feed facility, nutritionists are constantly tweaking and updating feed formulas for maximum results.

However, by using the cloud-based BESTMIX ® Formulation as a service platform, changes can be uploaded to the core system and immediately make them available to formulators and partners off-site.

Perhaps the biggest impact of the real-time basis is for the feed adviser out in the field. Instead of relying on formulation data downloads to computers, BESTMIX ® Formulation updates information and the core data platform via the cloud or mobile apps. Using this information, nutritionists can then put information on the raw material available at a site and produce a more accurate formulation for the customer.
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Watch Adifo's video on the BESTMIX ® cloud-based technology below:

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