August 27, 2013

27/08/2013: NAMA's new president; Avesthagen animal feed application; Cargill introduces horse feed

The North American Millers’ Association (NAMA) has named Jim McCarthy as the organisation’s president.

“Jim’s leadership and association management skills will be a valuable asset to NAMA and the future of our association. He joins an experienced and dynamic staff that will make for a very strong team to address our issues today and for the future,” said Jim Meyer NAMA chairman. “He is bringing a new energy to the association.”

Indian integrated systems biology platform company, Avesthagen, has entered into licensing agreements with specialty chemicals companies to produce its new animal feed application,  AvestaDHA.

"This is one step towards our continuing commitment to discovery and commercialisation of science based products that promote health and well-being throughout life. AvestaDH will serve as an acceptable and safe source of DHA for the much neglected field of animal health," said Villoo Morawala Patell, chairperson of Avesthagen.

Cargill has announced its new veterinarian-recommended Nutrena® SafeChoice® Senior horse feed, formulated to help improve senior horse nutrition.

SafeChoice® Senior is an added-fat, controlled starch, complete feed formula, ideal for senior horses and their unique needs. It is designed for horses over 15, specifically those suffering from unexpected age-related weight loss, decline in energy, difficulty maintaining muscle mass, dull hair coat or having difficulty chewing hay.
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A bay horse has a reddish-brown body coat with...
A bay horse has a reddish-brown body coat with black mane, tail, lower legs, and ear edges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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