August 21, 2013

New ways to find GFMT content

Be part of our big 200!

... and find a new way to receive our content

At GFMT we are always looking for easier ways to deliver our content to readers everywhere.

Google Currents will provide our full Global Miller news service through its new Google app (suitable for android, iPhone and tablets alike). Simply register by clicking the link below to sign up.

To celebrate our content on Google Currents we are giving the first 200 readers who sign up a 12-month subscription to our print magazine GFMT!

Please ensure you have downloaded the Google Currents app to your device and logged into it. Then click this link (make sure you are logged into the same Google account that you use for the app). Click the blue subscribe button - the next time you open the app on your device you will see our content appear!

To download the app to your phone please use these links: Android - iTunes

Register with Google Currents and stay connected with the Global Miller

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