August 30, 2013

30/08/2013: Brazil and US wheat market; Emerald Grain exports; first crop research centre established

Since the 2013-14 marketing year, that began back in June, Brazil has emerged as the second-largest market - beaten only by China - for US wheat. According to figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, exports and undelivered sales of US wheat to Brazil totaled 1,782,500 tonnes, compared with 50,000 tonnes the previous year.

Brazil has always been a prominent importer of wheat but up to now, has been purchasing the majority of imports from neighboring Argentina.

Australian grain marketer and handler, Emerald Grain has announced plans to  double its exports at its terminal in the Port of Melbourne.

Murray Wilkinson, Emerald terminal manager told ABC that the company hopes to export more barley and canola through the Melbourne site.  

The National Science Foundation recently named Kansas State University its the lead institution for the world's first industry/university cooperative research centre on wheat.

The center, which will be known as the NSF I/UCRC Wheat Genetics Resource Center is the first  established research centre for crop plants. The main focus of the centre will involve improving the food production and disease resistance of wheat and other crop plants, as well as serving as a training hub for graduate students and young researchers.

Kansas State University
Kansas State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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