August 07, 2013

07/08/2013: Cargill's new global technology director; GM food debate; nutrition for niche market swine

Cargill has announced the appointment of Dr Brooke Humphrey as global technology director for pork at its innovation campus in Elk River, Minnesota, USA. Currently Humphrey is the monogastric research and development director at the campus.

“Brooke will excel in this new role,” said Dr. Jason Shelton, global technology application director. “The experience he brings from working with a mulititude of businesses and species will help Cargill better serve our animal nutrition customers and partners.”


In a video debate published online by British national newspaper the Guardian, Natalie Bennett, Green party leader and Johnjoe McFadden, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey, debate the future of GM food production.
Watch the debate here.

A new study by Iowa State University and the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) may allow niche market swine producers to match the nutrients in feed to the needs of their pigs.

In the past few years, the market has seen a consumer demand despite being a new development in agriculture. “In these value-added markets, the primary cost of producing a pig is the same as in the regular, commodity market; it’s the cost of the feed. Feed costs have gone up so much that it compromises about 65 percent of the cost of the production of any animal,” said John Mabry, animal science professor at Iowa State University.

Pig farm, Iowa, 1994
Pig farm, Iowa, 1994 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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