August 12, 2013

12/08/2013: DDC prepares to sell livestock feed; grain produce could break 60 year record; Tyson Foods to suspend buying cattle feed

Government-owned Dairy Development Corporation, Nepal (DDC) has announced its plans to produce and sell animal feed.

"We are working to complete the maintenance work as soon as possible," said Arjun Humagain, DDC's newly appointed manager of the companys Hetauda unit. "We have planned to re-operate the production plant by the third week of August."

Speaking at an annual gathering of the State Grape Producer's Association in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Sharad Pawar, union agriculture minister suggested that the country is likely to produce a record volume of grains this year, with the potential to break all records held for the past 60 years.

He added that it's not just grain production, but exports too, that will continue to rise.

Leading US meat processor Tyson Foods Inc, said it would suspend purchases of cattle fed with Zilmax, an FDA-approved growth enhancer, following concerns about the side effects of the feed supplement.

In a statement, Merck & Co Inc, whose animal health division manufactures the additive, said that tests have proven that Zilmax is safe and that it was working with Tyson.

English: Field of beans near Milburn. For anim...
English: Field of beans near Milburn. For animal feed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Good to know that the country is also starting to grow agriculturally to new heights that have never been reached before. Slowly, they are trying to compete with big countries especially that some big countries are experiencing some drought.

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