August 07, 2013

Skandia Elevator unveils silo discharge sweep conveyor

During this years Cereals 2013 exhibition, which took place back in June, BDC Systems highlighted Skandia Elevator's new silo discharge sweep conveyor. Represented by BDC systems in the UK, Skandia offers system technology whereby complete installation is balanced and integrated to ensure trouble free operation.

The introduction of this new product effectively completes a full Skandia grain handling system, from the intake pit to the discharge of the silo. The new silo discharge sweep conveyor has been designed to match all other elements of a Skandia system to ensure reliability in operation. It will clean any silo virtually completely, thereby saving time and money. Manual cleaning is significantly reduced ensuring grain producers need to spend much less time in the hostile working environment inside a silo.

In designing the silo discharge sweep conveyor, Skandia has also recognised the need for energy efficiency. This latest innovation will consume significantly less energy than existing competitive products and uses a chain and flight recovery system as opposed to the conventional screw auger.

By adding the new Skandia product to its existing range, BDC Systems is underlining its position as the UK's leading one stop shop for grain drying, cleaning, storage, handling, ventilation, milling and mixing equipment.   

In addition to Skandia, BDC Systems represents other world leading manufacturers and suppliers including Svegma, Zanin and BMSilos

Skandia Elevator's new silo discharge sweep conveyor


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