August 22, 2013

22/08/2013: Grain coalition; Vietnam to expand on maize and soybean; Carr's new low-moisture feed block business

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has proposed a takeover of GrainCorp

However, in the run up to the Australian federal election next month, Warren Truss, leader of the National Party of Australia, has voiced his opposition of the proposed $3-billion takeover. 

The Vietnam Animal Feed Association recently stated that Vietnam is lacks sufficient materials for  animal feed production. Pham Duc Binh, deputy chairman stated that the lack of materials is down to unreasonable decisions about what plants to grow.

According to Binh, if animal feed producers coul seek domestic material sources, they would not have to import materials any more, which would allow them to cut down expenses (VND1,000 per kilo for transportation cost). 

Agriculture and engineering group, Carrs Milling Industries PLC, has announced that its wholly owned USA subsidiary, AFS Inc., is investing in a new joint venture aimed at producing its patented low-moisture feed block products.

The new company will be called ACC Feed Supplement LLC.

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English: Coat of arms of Vietnam 日本語: ベトナムの国章
English: Coat of arms of Vietnam 日本語: ベトナムの国章 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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