August 13, 2013

13/08/2013: Philippines GM rice approval; Kiotechagil strengthens its International team; China mill representatives visit North Dakota

Scientists in the Philippines are preparing to submit a genetically modified variety of rice to the authorities for biosafety evaluations. Although national regulators will have the final say, the scientists claim the new 'golden rice' could be in fields within a year.

Supporters have praised the submission with hopes it will help the 1.7 million Filipino children who suffer vitamin A deficiency - which reduces immunity and can cause blindness.

Some campaigners however, argue that the new GM rice threatens the Philippine's staple food and is not the answer in the fight against malnutrition. 

UK biosecurity company, Kiotechagil, recently announced it has strengthened its international team.

Dr Sá, who has joined Kiotechagil as a sales and technical consultant, was educated in Brazil and has a PhD in animal science from the University of Viçosa. He has a strong technical background in both monogastric and ruminant nutrition and previously worked with Ajinomoto where he was technical manager for their Brazilian operation.

Rene Noteborn has also joined Kiotechagil as regional sales manager Europe.

Rene studied animal sciences at Wageningen Agricultural University in Holland, the Netherlands, before embarking on his career. Most recently Rene worked for De Heus International where he has held several positions around the world in account and product management which have given him broad experience and knowledge in feed production.

Representatives from four Chinese mills have been in North Dakota, USA, learning about the production prospects of the 2013 hard red spring wheat (HRS) crop and price outlook. The trade team also visited North Dakota State University (NDSU) to learn more about the HRS breeding and quality programs and visited the Northern Crops Institute and a local elevator shuttle facility.

Drawing to a close today, it is hoped the visit helped the trade team build a broader knowledge of the US wheat marketing system and the benefits of US wheat for specific Chinese end-products.

Golden Rice grain GN7_0904-28
Golden Rice grain GN7_0904-28 (Photo credit: IRRI Images)

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