August 20, 2013

AIC urges legislators to rethink approach to regulation

The UK Government and EU must look beyond single-issue legislation in driving policy forward in the future according to The Agriculture Industries Confederation (AIC). It makes this point as part of a submission to the Government with regards to the balance of legislative power between the EU and UK, and its effect on agricultural industries. This is in response to one of a number of calls for evidence as part of an overall Government review.

 “The Government is currently conducting this review on the balance of legislative power between the EU and the UK, and its effect on the UK’s interests. Work will continue throughout 2014 and will cover 32 topics.  The call for evidence on environment and climate change has just closed, and the call for evidence on agriculture begins in autumn. Clearly it is important that AIC makes the views of members known in the areas that affect us,” says Jane Salter, head of environment policy at AIC.

“Many people in the industry will be aware of the effect that legislation such as that covering crop protection products, the Nitrates Directive, and the Industrial Emissions Directive have or could have. AIC and its partners are also in the process of preparing additional evidence on the threats that the current legislative approach has on business interests, the sustainable intensification of agriculture and the development of future opportunities."

“Single-issue legislation can result in unforeseen outcomes – solving one problem but creating another. We need alternative approaches that take into account the bigger picture and produce multiple benefits. After all that is what sustainable intensification is all about. We are adopting that approach in agriculture and we need our legislators to do the same.”

AIC has called for regular reviews of EU and UK legislation and outlined a four-point plan:

  • More broadly assess the cumulative as well as individual effects of legislation

  •  Examine evidence of where legislation fails to drive innovative solutions which could otherwise produce more food, and at the same time achieve environmental protection

  •  Consider opportunities for alternative policy drivers which could deliver multiple benefits beyond that which can be achieved by a so termed single-issue legislative approach

  •  Investigate greater UK decision-making on specific and relevant outcomes for regional environmental quality

Ultimately all the evidence submitted will be examined and topics chosen for further analysis and action.

Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and...
Countries using the Euro de jure Countries and territories using the Euro de facto Countries in the EU not using the Euro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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