August 05, 2013

05/08/2013: Grain bin town; contaminated whey protein found in animal feed; Cargill to buy Joe White Maltings

A couple in North Platte, Nebraska, USA have created their own antique grain bin town. 

The town, which is set up on the couple's own property, consists of fifteen octagon-shaped grain bins, six of which are filled with antiques for sale.

“This has to be a one of a kind in our state,” said Lisa Burke, convention and visitors bureau executive director. She added, “this is a fabulous thing for our town, one more thing for people to see and do here. People will see a totally different aspect of Nebraska here.”

Fonterra, a New Zealand based dairy company have announced that some of its whey products have been found to contain a toxic bacteria that can cause botulism, a potentially fatal paralytic infection.

Fonterra claim that Australia's exposure to the contaminated whey protein has been restricted to animal feed. Gary Romano, managing director of milk products at Fonterra, stated that one of their customers, a livestock feed company, identified and contained the suspect product before it hit the feedlots.

Cargill Australia have announced that Glencore International has accepted its offer to purchase Joe White Maltings

The sales agreement is subject to regulatory approvals and the transaction is expected to be complete prior to the end of 2013. 

“The addition of Joe White Malting will complete Cargill’s global footprint in all key barley production areas and enable us to better serve our global and leading regional brewers in the region,”said Doug Eden, president of Cargill’s global malt business.
Whey bread made with whey from making yogurt c...
Whey bread made with whey from making yogurt cheese (Photo credit: Francis Storr)

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